The more I think about the world of technology, the more I compare it to our own human infrastructure. Humans and computers have so much in common, that it still surprises me that humanity, as a whole, struggles with understanding the creator-creation dynamic that we receive both ends of the stick from.

Don’t let the flesh fool you. Our complex body systems are no different from the intricate inner workings of hardware found in the computer.

Motherboard vs. The Spinal Cord

The motherboard is the backbone of a computer. It joins the computer’s components together and allows for a flow of functionality of the whole system, similar to how the spinal cord connects each part of our nervous system and relay signals to each end of our body so that we too can function as a whole. 

Hard Drive vs. The Brain

The hard drive is a pretty important part of the computer, much like our brain in relation to us. A hard drive holds all of the information that a computer uses, the programs that are installed in it’s cloud, and the operating system for that computer. Our brain has a similar purpose. As we grow, our brain establishes neural pathways that allows the brain to function as a central center for our ability to move, to react, and to process information from our surroundings.

Power Supply Unit vs. The Spirit

Computers have a part called the power supply unit, and its main function is to convert high voltage electric currents into lower voltages so that the computer can use that energy without becoming overloaded and damaged. Our spirit would be like our body’s own power supply unit. The spirit funnels energy from a divine source and into this vessel, but obviously too much energy pumped into a vessel that’s not physically ready to emit large sources of energy will crash. In martial arts movies, why is there always a moment of intense training? Because the body has to be able to sustain the amount of power flowing into and out of the body. The body has to keep up with the amount of energy that the spirit is opening itself to.

The human vessel is a piece of extremely advanced technology that still exceeds our level understanding. We are constantly learning more about this body that our soul has decided to surround itself with. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we will figure out that everything connects like threads in a piece of fabric.

Photo Creds: Photo by jens holm on Unsplash