Sex is what you can call a form of energy exchange. It has the ability to make the physical body feel pleasure that even the mind has trouble comprehending. That feeling calls you back to experience its beauty again and again. It seems like our spirit reaches new heights and the ability to look past the realm that we reside in only while having sex. A peek into a world that allows us to visit every so often, and as a result, our body is able to touch this land of pure ecstasy.

Over time, the word taboo has been printed on an office label and placed harshly on the meaning of sex and manifesting a severe miscommunication between feminine and masculine energy. Thus, cutting out one of the most beautiful aspects of sex.


Joining with one another and bringing two things together to create something new produces a feeling that feels so raw and powerful. That feeling alone has the potential to strike fear of such power, especially in those who have forgotten that sex is creation. It’s time to shed the outdated perception of human sexuality and just embrace it. One of the most beautiful aspects of sex is the gift that we receive in return…pleasure.

When you come into close contact with another person, you are able to exchange energy and feel the vibes that are vibrating from their spirit, but just think about how powerful it is when you insert yourself into another person’s body or you are being inserted by an extension of someone else. You are able to connect with their body on a deeper level because you feel them and they feel you. The coming together of both energies to create a union is something deeper than just a physical bond; it is a spiritual bond as well.

Your spirit becomes attracted to the person that you are joining your body with, and the attraction grows as you continue to become more comfortable with their particular frequency of energy. This is why breakups and infidelity can be so hurtful. You have joined yourself with another spiritual being and expected that bond to be sacred, but it doesn’t work out for various reasons and this causes you to feel like a part of you has been forcibly ripped from the side of your body.

This goes to show you how powerful sex is. The variety of emotions it can evoke in humans are proof that it must be a link between the spirit and the body. So this can also allow sex to take on a healing role as well, especially if done with a loving and passionate partner. Listen to your intuition and don’t ignore your emotions.

Let love guide you.

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