Curiosity is woven into everyone’s DNA from birth. It is such a powerful feeling that it can even transcend thought and rationale. A thirst for the unknown drives us to places untouched by man. 

What has been left out there in the cosmos for us to find so that we can make the connections between this invisible thirst for knowledge and the nature of our own creation?

That is where the abstract realm of spirituality and the scientific realm of psychology meet. They don’t fully integrate into one another, however, they do have a cause and effect relationship. The state of the spirit uses the body’s psychological aspect to express itself into the world. Our spirit is the part of us that seems like some inner hidden person, but it is actually our own bigger picture. 

Our psychological state of being contains the pieces of our spirit left behind like foot tracks, and those traces of our spirit is what we see in our everyday behavior and personality. The mind bridges these realms together and acts as a medium between our inner and outer selves. Hence the reason why your mindset can shape your perception. A positive mindset will allow you to think positive about a situation, despite the bad that might have occurred, and a negative mindset will cause you to think negatively about a situation, despite the good that could have possibly occurred out of it. 

Your mindset funnels your spirit through a specific etheric channel into your brain and communicates in a sort of “supply chain” fashion. Everyone’s communication within themselves is different and as unique as a fingerprint. Could psychology be our way of trying to logically understand something that is meant to be illogic? Or are we, as a society, not evolved enough to understand that most people aren’t ready to accept a reality that contains something that can’t be observed from a third dimension point of view?

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