Energy is like a vortex of unbroken nothingness. It makes up all, but it seems so ethereal at the same time. 

When we eat food and drink water, that is classified as a form of energy harvesting. Eating and drinking has been our primal way of gathering energy to power our walking temples around on Earth, but our body shouldn’t just rely on that lower self mode of gathering energy to fuel us.

There is a different way to harness energy…and that’s by concentration. More specifically, the concentration of your external environment. Breathing provides your body with the necessary tools your body needs to maintain concentration.

When you think of energy’s ethereal nature, you can imagine that energy moves like gusts of wind funneling in the air around you. Your chest begins to expand with air and spark each cell within you with life.

This feeling is your body being replenished by your innate focus on the experience with life. Being able to acknowledge this feeling happens when you can recognize and study the meaning of breath. At this point you’re not just eating off of Earth, your eating with Earth. You are eating that same thing Earth eats. 

Life itself. 

Which is why the body has to eventually perish. The laws of balance will always even out the scales of existence.

Photo Creds: https://unsplash.com/@xusanfeng