Ego can be considered either a “good” or “bad” thing. It truly depends on the perspective, or light, in which we choose to view it. Too much ego can absorb you into your own bubble of self importance. On the other hand, not enough sense of ego drowns out your acknowledgement of the uniqueness of you and every other human being.

We have to remember that all beings derived from one source. Sliced from the same creator and molded into miniature idiosyncratic versions. Acceptance of the ego helps us become enlightened to the notion that every individual spirit is still a part of the whole creation, and that acceptance of knowledge is when you can finally embrace your ego without becoming self absorbed.

The ego is like an ice chip.

Imagine that there is a large block of ice in front of you, and a chisel and hammer in the palms of your hands. You begin to chisel away at the ice block so that you can create a specific form. Each ice chip is shaped differently and it is quite impossible to cut away two pieces that are exactly the same.

These pieces of chipped ice are symbolic to each and every being.

Every spirit is different and unique in its own way and they come into this reality in the form of different shapes and bodies. Our spirits are like a chipped piece of ice. They eventually melt and return back to the center and form the ice block again. The ice block and the ice pieces operate as an example of the role that the ego plays in our life.

I call this the Ice Chip Theory.

Ice Chip Theory:

Ice fragments taken from the ice block and the ice block itself can only become whole again when the ice chips melt and join together.

  • The ice block represents unity and a dissolved ego. It represents the concept of wholeness. 
  • The ice fragments represent the awareness of being separate. It represents our recognition of self.

The purpose of ego, from my perspective, is to learn and express yourself through different actions. You learn more about yourself and what makes you who you are, and this knowledge of who you are motivates you to share yourself with the rest of the world. Your spirit is forming into an identity that can be recognized by others.

Everyone has an ego, everyone strives for purpose in life, everyone has their own taste, and everyone looks at life through a different perspective. This is what an ego is.

Ego makes us the unique spirit that we are. Having an ego should not be viewed as negative, but as a neutral aspect. Without an ego there would be no variety, no music, no artwork, and no writing. It will be a monotone sound of voices going in one ear and flowing out of the other. Imagine a life with no way to express your creativity. This is a life with no ego.

On the flip side, an ego can become a crippling thing to have if it is not properly balanced. You can become encompassed in only your perspective and you become focused only on what you can gain from others. This imbalance only causes the ego to suffer in the long run because it loses sight of the importance of unity.

Photo Creds: https://unsplash.com/@haozlife